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Compatible with Redis

KeyDB is an in-memory, high performance database with support for numerous data types, on-disk persistence and high availability. Compatible with Redis™ API and protocols, KeyDB is a drop-in replacement for your existing Redis™ deployments with numerous enhancements, higher performance, and lower Total Cost of Ownership.


Up to 60% lower latency. KeyDB makes your apps more responsive.


Achieve double the throughput on the same machine. Eliminate the need for multiple servers.


KeyDB eliminates the need for complex sharding and clustering configurations.

    Powered by AWS Cloud Computing
    From inception KeyDB was designed with AWS in mind. Designed to take advantage of inexpensive ephemeral storage, KeyDB dramatically lowers cost vs traditional databases using IOP provisioned EBS storage. KeyDB is capable of backing up data directly to Amazon S3™ ensuring the lowest costs possible.
    KeyDB is proudly Open Source Software!
    Open source software ensures stability and eliminates the complications with deploying your KeyDB backed solutions
    Check out our github page for source code and other information.

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Three easy options to get you up and running fast!


The fastest and most efficient way to get your data up and running.

  • Free 100Gb Trial for a Month.
  • 100GB for $100per month limited time offer
  • Pay as you go

VPC Hosted

VPC hosting provides peace of mind with full isolation from other instances.

  • Fully managed and turn key
  • Run on a dedicated instance just for you
  • Maximize your performance

On Prem

For traditonal datacenter environments.

  • Free download on GitHub
  • Open Source Licensing
  • Infinite Flexibility

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